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“What the f*#k?!” said Matt Mahaffey to the roomful of friends and family who came to see the premiere of his sElf video but instead accidentally saw God Lives Underwater on MTV’s 120 Minutes.

“At least it’s cool,” said Jeff Turzo as he simultaneously sat waiting for the God Lives Underwater video to air on the same show and found himself watching the sElf video.

And that’s how Jeff Turzo (God Lives Underwater) & Matt Mahaffey (sElf) met with improper crediting on both accounts.

"They mixed up the two, saying that we were "God Lives" & that they were "sElf", says Mahaffey. "Story of our lives...", says Turzo.

Luckily, they were fans of one another’s music.

Matt Mahaffey under the moniker of sElf has released four albums on various labels & four albums free via his web-site. 1995's Zoo Entertainment release spawned the singles "Cannon" & "So Low" with videos by Jesse Peretz (known for his mentos homage in the Foo Fighters "Big Me" video). 1997's Spongebath release The Half-Baked Serenade spawned Halloween favorite "kidDies", in which Mahaffey suggests, "let's go trick-or treatin' dressed up like Marilyn Manson". In 1999, Mahaffey decided to simultaneously release two albums, Dreamworks Records Breakfast With Girls, & Spongebath's Gizmodgery, an album recorded entirely on children's toys. The latter being deemed a cult classic by his fans.

While Mahaffey was crafting his first sElf release in the rural backwoods of Tennessee, Jeff with partner David Reilly, were in Pennsylvania turning their similarly breakbeat inspired tunes into God Lives Underwater. In 1995 Def American Recordings signed the duo and they released a self titled EP followed immediately by the bands first full length Empty which was co-produced by Rick Rubin.

GLU toured extensively until 1998 when they returned to the studio to record 1998's Life in the So-Called Space Age, and to oversee the production and release of the Depeche Mode Tribute For the Masses to which sElf contributed.

The Final God Lives Underwater record, Up Off the Floor, was recorded in 2000 with producer and mixer, Sean Beavan, who also mixed a majority of WAW’s debut, Break Out the Battle Tapes.

With the unexpected deaths -- in the same year -- of David Reilly, Turzo’s Counterpart in GLU, and Mike Mahaffey, Mahaffey’s brother and writing partner, what was inevitable became imminent.

Consciously or not, you have definitely heard these guys rock you over the years. Aside from GLU, Turzo has done anything and everything from Paul Oakenfold's Ready, Steady, Go! to countless remixes for artists such as Rob Zombie, Bloodhound Gang, Lords of Acid, Korn and Smashmouth. Not to mention 1999’s breakbeat sample CD he released, Multitrack Murderer, in which songs are written over daily, all over the world.

Mahaffey’s credits include his production additions to everyone from Beyonce to Phantom Planet. And when you caught yourself singing the phrase: “Expedia-dot-com”, you were quoting Mahaffey’s tagline, which has played ubiquitously and ad nauseam for the last five years.

Then came Wired All Wrong, which was initially Turzo's baby. "The idea was to have a different vocalist on each song, to be a collection of styles all thrown together over the common ground of my tracks," says Turzo. Mahaffey had heard about the project, but was promoting his new album with sElf at the time.

“After the collapse of Dreamworks Records (sElf's record label at the time), I approached him. He gave me a CD of tracks, I chose one and returned with a song called "Let Me Go"."

That’s all, brother. A dozen songs later, Jeff has yet to return to his original plan. Now, crafting beats in his home studio & uploading them to Mahaffey's studio for vocals and additional production, the boys have still yet to work in the same room together; that is, when it comes to Wired All Wrong. Quasi-agoraphobia aside, which is not to say that they can't.

In addition to the September 12th release of Wired All Wrong’s Break Out The Battletapes on Nitrus Records, August 2006 will also see the release of Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!, the 1st full-length from Hellogoodbye and the first outside production for Wired All Wrong, yes, working in the same room together.

Find any other artist on the map that share Wired All Wrong's dedication to their craft. Sure, bands record & re-record their songs and slave over their production, but do they literally build custom studio gear to do it? Nope.... Jeff Turzo does. Do bands give away free music on the internet? Sure they do, one or two songs, tops.... Matt Mahaffey has given away more free music on the internet than any other songwriter to date. Together, Mahaffey and Turzo as Wired All Wrong are doper, in all facets, than any other fools you will ever come across. This is scientific-fucking-fact.

Johnny Fascination